Sofia’s Workshop

April 21 – Another great week at Sofia’s Workshop!

At Sewing class, the kids began working on their cloud.  They had a choice of a rainbow cloud or a cloud with lightning.  The kids were up for the challenge and made great headway!

For Crochet class, the kids began using the hook.  It was a challenge for all but they are slowly coming along.  We had a new student join the class!  Some kids preferred to go back to finger crochet which was easier.


During Knitting class, the kids’ project was to begin knitting different color strands to begin to create a rainbow scarf.  This is a multi knit project and many made a great start!

Visit us again to see how their projects are progressing.


April 12 – Today was the first day of Knitting Class!

We started Knitting class with finger knitting and the kids caught on immediately!  They quickly picked up the rhythm and created a number of fun projects.

The first day’s creations: necklaces, butterfly. octopus, poofs

In fact, we were so impressed with how they did that we are going to introduce the needles next week.  It will be a challenge but we feel the kids are up for it!

Bookmark this page to see the progress.  Class is still open.  Sign your kid up today!


April 11 – The first Crochet class was a blast!

The kids learned the basics of finger crochet.  They were enthusiastic and excited to learn more.

Check again next week for their progress!

And remember that spots are still open to join the Crochet class.  Sign up here!


April 10 – The first day of Beginning Sewing class was great fun!

The kids learned how to thread a needle and sew felt together to make a needle book.  Choosing their felt colors and buttons, they began to design and sew in their individual styles!

They also had lots of questions, were eager to help one another and were working until the very last minute!

We are so happy the kids had a great first day.  We are excited for next week where  some will pick up where they left off, while others will progress on to the next project!

It’s not too late to sign up for this and the other classes available this Spring semester.  Sign up!!


Classes begin this week – April 10, 2018.  Spots are still available!  Sign up here.

Here are some of the cool projects kids will be learning this Spring Session at Dixie Canyon CC.

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Mini poster Spring Session 2018
Space is still available! Sign up ASAP for this Special Spring session.


Sofia’s Workshop Spring classes are less than two weeks away!  Here are some of the exciting projects the kids will be working on:

Tuesday’s Hand Sewing


Wednesday’s Intro to Crochet


And so much more!

Check back with us again for more exciting updates!


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