Updated Schedule flyer for Spring 2018

flyer update spring session 2018


Sample class part 2 was great fun!

Everyone had a great time learning Finger Knitting and creating fun projects today!  The kids did a great job, several in fact!  So much to look forward to this coming Spring.  In fact, we may schedule a Crocheting class sometime this month!

Here is a few of the kid’s creations!

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Want to see more? Dixie students can come by SOFIA’S WORKSHOP Table at Open House in April.  Stay tuned for more!

New idea for Sample class part 2!

Keeping in mind the younger 2nd graders coming back for Sample Class part 2 who had a bit more challenges learning the Continental knit, we are introducing Finger Knitting tomorrow!

We are excited to show the kids Finger knitting and see how they like it!  Check back again for updates!


Getting ready for Sample class part 2


This Thursday we are going to mix things up a bit!

The kids that have demonstrated both the skill and commitment to continue will work on the Continental stitch towards the creation of their bunny rabbit.

Anyone who does not want to continue with that project will learn a bit of crochet.

It is important to be flexible with the kiddos.  We want them to continue to be excited about learning these new skills and to develop the patience to practice and create!

Check back to see the progress!

Sample class part 1

20180301_161415It was a great sample class today with 9 kids.  It was the first time for all the kids and they were patient and cooperative.  Broken down into two groups, they listened and watched how to cast on, eager to get started.


The kids learned Continental knitting.  We walked through the steps.


Multiple times.  They made 32 stitches.


Often the kids had to undo the stitches from various points but they were persistent.


Explaining that practice will make knitting easier, we kept at it until we got to finishing the knit stitch and will continue next week.