Class Descriptions

Elements of Art Series

I am super excited to do the new Elements of Art Series. In this progressive class we will be focusing each project on an element of art: line, shape, form, color, value, space and texture. Although all my classes include the elements of art, each week we take time to study a bit. Then each session, we start over with fresh projects.

My goal is the playful repetition of the elements will help children see these elements in art work, but better, they will think about using it in their own. Building their understanding and knowledge – but having fun and being playful. Afterall, they just want to make somethin’!

This class will cover all mediums (drawing, painting, sculpting and crafts).


In Drawing class we work on the 7 elements of art: line, shape, color, value, texture, form and space. We introduce these concepts with fun topics and projects relevant to kids. We do step-by-step drawing for beginners and encourage advanced little artists to expand their art with more detail and expression. We use different mediums such as markers, chalk, oil pastels, and crayons. We encourage artists to grow and try new ideas.

Pop Art from Rock’n’Roll Art Camp 2019


We explore different painting mediums: watercolor, acrylic, tempera, and anything that can be spread with a brush! We love to introduce little artists to influential artists and use their works as inspiration to creating relevant art for kids.

Mini Zine (zeen) of favorite sushi in watercolor
Self Portrait Ornaments from Winter Camp 2018
inspired by


Makers classes are probably known for parents as “craft” classes. We make all kinds of projects, from bird houses to bracelets. Makers learn tool safety, project planning and three dimensional strategizing, and how to make the best out of a mistake!

Fairy Doors
Camo Fairy Door

Mixed Media

Mixed media is using all art mediums to produce a single piece of art. We paint, draw with pens, collage with all types of papers, stitch, glue, spray paint…you name it we will try it. This type of class frees up the little artist to incorporate all the skills they learn from different art influences. Subjects are kid relevant to keep it fun!

Mixed Media Bird House idea via The Pinterested Parent

Yarn & Textiles

Textiles is an ancient form of art – and one close to my heart. Weaving, knitting, crocheting, stitching, sewing, dyeing and more are some of the things we do in camp and in class. Patience is a challenge for kids, and process art is a wonderful tool to teach children that some things are not instant. Many of these skills cross over into other arts, develop dexterity, three dimensional thinking, project strategizing, goal setting – and the most important: seeing it through!

Garnmet dying


Kids LOVE Model Magic. A fabulous medium that allows kids to make anything they can imagine because it is soft and easily malleable. We teach basic skills with sculpture tools such as kneading, rolling and color mixing. Model Magic comes in bright primary colors, and we take advantage of the wonderful way it blends into new colors. Artists learn color, three dimensional skills, and develop dexterity.

Model Magic Sculpture