Sofia’s Workshop

Welcome to Sofia’s Workshop

Fall Classes are posted!

Get your schedule set for fall! Our first session is on Sawyer.

After School Arts & Crafts Classes for Elementary Students

At Sofia’s Workshop we love all Arts and Crafts. We love paint brushes & hardware tools, yarn & clay, paper & mobiles ~ we love it all! We do art and we do crafts!

Exposing children to different arts and crafts allows them to find something they can be passionate about while exploring their creativity. Arts and crafts call on our creativity, helps us become better problem solvers, see the world through a different lense, and helps us socially stay connected to our community.

children's watercolor gnomes
sofia's workshop

We encourage every child to explore their unique creativity, like a thumbprint. Exposure to new mediums and basic art concepts allows creativity and imagination to open up and builds confidence. Studies show kids who are confident in their art skills do better in school. Through a combination directed-projects and process-art, our workshops offer young artists an opportunity to explore different mediums in a positive and encouraging environment.

Art is necessary for healthy cognitive development, creative problem solving and social development. There is no debate, art is essential to early childhood development. Art allows children to practice a wide range of skills that are useful for learning and later in life (Michigan State University Extension).

We foster the Growth Mindset when working with kids. Art skills take time to develop, and all kids need a creative and fun environment to practice different skills. A Growth Mindset in art helps a child focus on process and effort more than result. Creativity is fostered through taking chances and expanding on new ideas, making a mess and seeing it through. By trying new ideas and mediums, children expand their personal understanding of their skills.

Building skills builds confidence, and confidence builds competence. A supportive environment allows kids to take risks that would otherwise be intimidating. There are no mistakes, only opportunities to see it a different way!