Sofia’s Workshop Classes

Welcome to Sofia’s Workshop

After School Arts & Crafts Classes for Elementary Students

Here at Sofia’s Workshop we explore all types of arts and crafts. We encourage a child’s unique creativity. Creativity is expansive! Exposure to new mediums and basic art concepts allows our creativity and imagination to open up and builds confidence. Kids who are confident in their art skills do better in school – especially with school projects.

We foster the Growth Mindset in all we do. Art skills take time to develop, and all kids need a creative and fun environment to practice different skills. A Growth Mindset allows for a child to embrace that they will get there, art takes patience. Creativity is fostered through taking chances on new ideas, making a mess and seeing it through. Trying new ideas and mediums, children expand their personal understanding of their skills. Building skills builds confidence, and confidence builds competence. A supportive environment allows kids to take risks that would otherwise be intimidating. There are no mistakes, only opportunities to see it a different way! We use mistakes to see it through.

Join us for a session, or try a class! Classes are $24 and include supplies.

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